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UI Design

I worked at as a location-independent UI designer during early 2015. Collaborating closely with the rest of the Design Team in California, I followed a quick research–explore–prototype methodology to develop Zazzle’s style guide and improve consistency across their digital channels: website, mobile apps and emails.

Three examples of UI redesign proposals that I delivered.

Experience Design

During the summer of 2014, I worked as an Experience Designer Intern with Zazzle’s Product Team. We studied user archetypes by developing personas from customer visits and designed a push notifications service for Zazzle’s mobile app. Matt Appleby and I envisioned and prototyped a new app using Sketch, Quartz Composer and the iOS SDK.

Some insights gathered from a customer during his visit, details of a user's interaction with the notifications center, and a prototype of the novel app concept running on the iOS simulator.